i3 and Hugo Updates

Hugo Updates

I spent a nice chunk of today figuring out what I wanted to do as far as styling goes. The theme I picked, Hyde, was did a majority of the work already.

I just had to hook into the snippet of HTML that defines the <head> and add my own stylesheet. From there, the only change I wanted to make was making everything a card. But then that led to some padding issues, so I patched that really quickly.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with the design. Now I just have to move over all of the pages and blog posts. I learned that I was pretty inconsistent with the front matter I included in the blog posts. I’ll just have to go back and clean things up. I will probably automate the adding and removing of the keys, but will have to add the values afterwards.

i3 Updates

I’ve been gluing together bits and pieces of various configurations to get i3 to work. Some parts were quick: * The background was straight forward * Setting up my workspaces was easy - Though, I haven’t bound certain applications to my named workspaces yet * Installing Font Awesome was much easier than Source Code Pro. I might have to find an alternative here. It’s mainly for
Spacemacs, but it seems to function fine without it. * I’ve themed i3 to match the Nord Theme for Spacemacs

The only- what I would call- dire issue is I can’t get the brightness control to work. So as I sit here and type this, there’s this blindingly bright screen that I’m forced to look at and can do nothing about.

Next Steps

I put some config stuff from my Mac onto Github, but I later learned, I didn’t put some of the files I needed. I’m hoping to finish up with all of this i3 stuff soon and I can throw all of those files up too. I think a really nice guide is due too because I wouldn’t want someone else to try and do the same thing here and be as lost as I was.

Thanks for reading this post! Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.