Installing Ubuntu

I probably should’ve written this while I was doing the install. Oh well, maybe next time.

I managed to get Ubuntu installed on an external hard drive today. The problem started with me trying to figure out if I could resize the dual boot set up I have on my Macbook. Reading through my options, I decided it was too hard and I had other things to do- like work on my Hugo migration from yesterday.

Then I thought, “Oh, well I have a spare external drive, I wonder how easy it is to install an OS on there”. A quick search led me to this video, and with a few modifications, I was up and running.

Here’s how I did it (More detailed instructions are in the video, I’m writing this from memory):

I think that’s all of the steps. From there, do what you normally would do and run updates, install new software, pick out a theme and some icons.

I’ve been in this rabbithole of picking a new Desktop Environment. After going through a ton of posts on the very SFW r/UnixPorn, I decided to go with i3. I’m still not sure about how to use a lot of things. Maybe 30 minutes before writing this post, I figured out how to switch workspaces.

So tomorrow will probably be real work, but later this week, I’ll detail all of the stuff I’ve been downloading and configuring. And at some point I’ll have to delete the Ubuntu that I’m dual booting too. Fingers crossed that I get it right and don’t delete my Mac partition- I sadly can’t say I haven’t done that before. But hey, that’s what backups are for!

Thanks for reading this post! Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.