Minor Improvements

Inspired by some posts I read on Medium, I found new reasons to build the habit of keeping a journal. This whole idea deserves it’s own post one day, but for now I was just bringing it up because my journal is oriented by months.

For the month of September, I set out to blog more. More specifically, I devised a schedule for myself and tried to stick to it.

This morning, seeing that September is half over, I decided to check in on myself and see how I am doing.

To my surprise, I’ve written a lot less than I thought I have. I’ve put out 7 posts in the last 15 days. While it’s not bad, I think the dangerous thing is that I didn’t notice it sooner.

The Challenge

So I’m going to work towards being a bit more self-aware with regards to my writing this week. Starting with this post, can I hit 7 out of 7 for this upcoming week?

Oh and I’m going to repost my blog on Medium on a delay. I’ll figure out the plan tomorrow though.

In other news, I made a few tweaks to the site today.

Design is not one of my strong points, but after reading a post earlier about typography, I decided to make one small change immediately: I changed the main font of the site.

I don’t know why, I don’t even know if I picked a good one. But I did it. So here’s to one small step in learning about design choices.

Thanks for reading this post! Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.