Python can do whatever JavaScript does

I have no idea if the title of this post is true. I don’t actually want to make that claim.

I did discover one way of defining higher order functions in Python though, exactly like how I did with JavaScript yesterday.

I’ll use the same example functions as yesterday, so if you get lost, go read that post first. I’ll wait right here.

Here’s the example in Python, I figure it’s easiest to look over the whole piece of code first:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

def plusNum(num):
  return lambda x: x + num
plusOne = plusNum(1)
plusTwo = plusNum(2)

print(plusOne(2) == 3)
print(plusTwo(2) == 4)

I’m not very familiar with Lambda functions, this was just the first thing I tried. If this had failed, I read in the Python Documentation that there is a Standard library module called functools. Read about it here.

I will look into all of this more and figure out how Python does it. I wonder what the most Pythonic way of doing it is too.

Thanks for reading this post! Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.